It must be Christmas

Or I must be unemployed because I am writing things! I am, as ever, working on my super hero universe (let's call it "Justice.") Recently I've been going through old notebooks, and have found literally dozens of pages of notes, ideas, and characters that I am transferring to both a single notebook and to my computer.
One of the things I found is a brief history of the original premiere Super Hero Group, the Justice Corps (name is still under construction.) This isn't really a story about them so much as a synopsis of their falling out and a bit about why things are the way they are. Read on, enjoy, as ever comments are welcome.

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As with every year

yeah, yeah, I know I never post anything here and when I do it's not for the stated purpose of this journal.  Then again being unemployeed might change that, we'll see. Anyway, Halloween was yesterday
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Four walls do not a prison make . . .

So, as with last year, Halloween Pictures! AmC asked me to post these though I think other folks will get a real kick out of them.   Sadly in the posting I loose what's left of my anonymity as you will all now know exactly what I look like.  Please, try to refrain from blackmailing me as I have no money anyway.

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Clover Stamped Ring

  Another Old project I started.  Then I got distracted form it and never finished it, and then I forgot how the middle and third part were supposed to go.  But the story revolves around this ring, a ring that has a clover stamped into it.  The ring brings joy into the owners lives.  Sorrow too, but that is what joy is really:  Happiness and sorrow mingled so closely together that you can no longer separate the two.  That fullness of emotion was what this story was supposed to show.  Don't know if I even came close to achieving that but I love the idea of it, and the intro is quite frankly my favorite intro I ever wrote.  Weird huh?

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Sequel of Alloys

**EDITED, new and improved!*

 So as promised to myself, and others, here's round two!  The Heavy Metals!
    (Figure if it is a pulpy, campy universe they can have a campy name right, right?!)

The Heavy Metals:

            These metals share a remarkable similarity to the Crude Metals, maintaining the metallic theme this group of villains have pledge themselves to the defeat of everyone’s favorite Metalloids.  Most of the H.M.s have faced at least one, if not several, of the Crude Metals before, and have been summarily embarrassed by them.  Becoming sick of the constant defeats Arsenic, leader of the Heavies, gathered together the other 10 (9 now) members and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.  Now they work together united in common theme and goal: The desire to kill all the Crude Metals!



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Metal Mein!

   As some of you know, and others of you no doubt have surmised, I am a big fan of comic books.  In fact writing for comics is my second career choice in life.  Because of this I really enjoy the creative exercises involved in making a new hero or villain.  Most of the things I come up with never come to fruition in my head (or in CoH/V)  and other characters I have made, or seen, have been expanded or changed to fall into my own comic book universe.  My universe however is a tad . . . harsh.  I am, frankly, unforgiving of my heroes.  When people die they really die and they really stay that way.  This leads to a rather serious mindset when it comes to my primary universe.  However, I like messing around as well.  Making silly ideas, crazy characters; grocery store heroes that throw artichoke hand grenades pop up almost as often as serious characters like ThresherShark and Prometheus.  Often I fiddle around with silly ideas for a while and then forget all about them.  This time however, things were a tad different; for some reason a recent group of heroes has stuck.  I feel compelled to write them out, detail their powers, and share who they.  It’s kind of weird. . .

  I think part of the problem is at the same time I came up with these heroes I also figured I had to many silly ideas and was going to need to share them someplace so if I ever did make it in comics I was going to do two sets:  the main world, which is a more serious minded sort of comic book universe (alla DC and Marvel) and then a second universe for Pulp Comics that takes its mindset from things like Flaming Carrot Head et all.  So without further ado I would like to present you, the readers at home, with one of the main super groups of Pulp Earth:

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Tiger Tiger burning bright . . .

So, I have been naughty and not posted in a while with the holidays and everything I've been extremely busy, to boot I'm trying to get a new job right now cause my current one doesn't pay enough.  Since I didn’t want to post anything till I got a chance to finish the story I am working on, and I haven’t gotten a chance to even really work on the story I am working on this leaves me in a bit of a bind.  That said, I decided “screw it” and am going to post a kid’s story I wrote.  Now a lot of people won’t think this is a child’s story but it really is, it’s just an old style story where pain and death were the methods of teaching.  Think Grimm’s Fairy Tales before Disney got to them, or the myths and rhymes that ancient African cultures would tell around their camp fires explaining the world and the way it works to the whole tribe, but most especially to the children.  Anyway, hope you all enjoy it, this story is about why Tigers hate monkeys.



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