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Sequel of Alloys

**EDITED, new and improved!*

 So as promised to myself, and others, here's round two!  The Heavy Metals!
    (Figure if it is a pulpy, campy universe they can have a campy name right, right?!)

The Heavy Metals:

            These metals share a remarkable similarity to the Crude Metals, maintaining the metallic theme this group of villains have pledge themselves to the defeat of everyone’s favorite Metalloids.  Most of the H.M.s have faced at least one, if not several, of the Crude Metals before, and have been summarily embarrassed by them.  Becoming sick of the constant defeats Arsenic, leader of the Heavies, gathered together the other 10 (9 now) members and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.  Now they work together united in common theme and goal: The desire to kill all the Crude Metals!



On a random side note before we get to the, well, infrastructure of the metals I have to wonder if sometimes my puns go over peoples heads, for example the injested bit.  See it's a pun, in-jest plus ingest,  I didn't eat mercury, and am therefore only nominally crazy, nor did I crackwise about everyone's favorite wise cracking metal man . . . Sorry, random thoughts. In any event read on!


            Arsenic is the leader, and founder, of the Heavies.  Little can be said about Arsenic that hasn’t already been inferred by his name.  He founded the group; he killed one of the original members who questioned his authority and he, likely, will be the one to finally kill G.S. and Pig Iron.  Although he hates those two more than most members of the Metals, he truly desires the death of Bismuth and will never rest until he has torn Bismuths head off of his body.


            Foil is second in command of the Heavies, in as much as anyone other than Arsenic has any say at all.  Her sharp wit and slicing tongue are almost as deadly weapons as the two sabers she wields with preternatural skill.  A plotter and planner she is not above using her stunning good looks, or her silvery tongue, to get her way.  Though she has never shown any outward desire to wrest Arsenic’s power from him most observes think a confrontation is coming between these two.


            To call Cesium volatile is like calling water wet . . . actually, that may not be the best analogy considering . . .  Cesium is one of the most dangerous members of the Heavies he can create explosions with the mere act of touching something.  He has grown in power recently and has learned how to charge objects as well, giving them an explosive charge that detonates after a short timer runs down.  He is currently dating Foil but it’s believed she is just leading him on for the fun of it, showing no real interest in being tied down.

                        Vanadium and Antimony:

            Husband and wife Vanadium and Antimony make a deadly pair.  Formerly a crime duo alla Bonnie and Clyde, Vanadium grows inordinately stronger when around his wife and Antimony, already reasonably strong, grows exceptionally tougher when with her husband.  After numerous defeats at the hands of Pig Iron these two agreed to team up with Arsenic and try to defeat the Crude Metals.  Though they do not always agree with Arsenic’s policies, and view point, they grudgingly follow him.  Originally only in it for the victory these two have developed a parental instinct for most of the Heavies and form the emotional and physical backbone of the group.


            Cadmium, more than any of the other Heavies, disdains physical combat.  He has no metallic parts and, before joining the alloys, was not even metal themed.  Formerly a hero named Electro-Light!  (He has what villains need: A Severe Beat Down!) Arsenic met him while disguied and slowly but surely poisoned his mind until he became a villain.  Disposing of the Electro-Light persona as to heroic Cadmium now fights along side the Heavies.  He provides them with a weapon that /all/ the metals are vulnerable to: Pure Energy in the form of devastating lightning bolts.


            Beryllium is an exceptionally obese villain often mocked for his appearance by both heroes and villains.  Despite his size he is incredibly nimble.  He can squeeze into incredibly tight spaces and seems to bounce back from almost any blow.  This is all because he is in fact composed of a synthetic, elastic-like metal.  Made entirely of a super elastic form of beryllium this villain, of the same name, has no bones and can soften, stretch, expand or harden more or less at will.  Because of this he is almost impossible to injure, it really is true what they say: “Nothing hurts Beryl!”


            Strontium is the only radioactive member of the Heavies, he burns with an inner rage of flaming red radioactive power that he can control to poison slowly or melt and destroy quickly.  A deadly threat to everyone, fights with him seem to last for weeks after he has been defeated as the lingering effects of his attacks slowly wear off.


            Barite is a porous rock in the river of life.  Waves don’t crash over him they pass through him, and come out the other side stronger.  He was easily manipulated into joining the Heavies because he simply, and truly, does not care what happens.  He is just in it for the fun.  While exceptional passive he does bring one exceptional quality to the Heavies (besides his powers.)  Though he seems to not care about, and therefore not pay attention to, anything in truth it is almost impossible to slip one past him.  He is a silent observer and notices everything.  A wealth of overheard conversations and knowledge absorbed through paying attention it seems odd that someone so observant would join a villain group but he must be in it for something.

You think Superman has it rough:

            Arsenic is a master manipulator, he can create images that appear to be real, can control thoughts.  He, however, can’t seem to shake the fact that people always feel slightly uneasy around him making it at times difficult to force people to do his bidding.  That said he has learned to control it better and to “crank it up” with an effort of will.  Now he knows how to weaken and sicken those around him making it easier for his allies to defeat them.  It is unclear how Arsenic got his abilities.

            Foil wears a metallic body suit made of the finest, thinnest meshes that provides exceptional defense for her.  That, plus her dual wielded sabers made of pure energy and powered by a radioactive meteor, make her a deadly melee combatant.  When not crossing swords she also loves to match her intelligence and wit against her opponents.  Foil wears a high tech protective suit but the fighting and intelligence are all her own

            Cesium can create explosions at close range to him or can “charge up” items turning them into time bombs waiting for an internal timer before exploding in massive, uncontrolled bursts.  Cesium was caught in an explosive blast from a particle accelerator that was hurling Cesium molecules at a pail of water.  The blast gave him his powers. 

            Vanadium is reasonably strong, and reasonably durable, however, when near his wife his strength becomes exponentially greater able to trade force for force with Pig Iron.  He maintains his own durability though, getting no tougher for being near his wife.  The closer the two are together, however, the stronger he becomes.

            Antimony is, similarly, reasonably strong and fairly durable.  When within 100 meters of her husband, however, she becomes exceptionally resistant to any damage dealt to her.  When within five feet of her husband she brushes off tank shells like they were flies but her strength always maintains a constant.

            No one knows how Antimony and Vanadium got their powers, where they are from, or even how old they are; they appeared here five years ago and have always operated as a pair.

            Cadmium is a mutant super conductor.  His entire body creates, and manipulates electric force.  He can ride a lightning bolt as easily as he can throw one, and is learning how to increase surrounding heat using his electricity too.

            Beryllium is practically impervious to harm thanks to a science experiment gone horribly awry.  His obese body seems to deflect blows, and like an octopus he can squeeze into almost any size opening.  Though he can not stretch his frame, he is plenty capable of moving fast, and is reasonably strong due to being composed of metal.

            Strontium creates super powerful radioactive blasts and in recent times has learned how to leave lingering poisonous radiation on his target.  It is believed his powers are caused by being the child of a survivor of the San Diego bombings.*

            Barite has the mutant ability to absorb and redirect energy.  He can redirect any energy, be it fire, electric, radioactive, or even kinetic at a specified target, taking only a fraction of the initial blast and converting the rest into his own energy and decimating his target of choice.




*History of the World:  World War Two was not ended when Japan was bombed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki rather a cessation of hostilities was put in place when Japan bombed us back, destroying San Francisco and laying waste to San Diego.


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