Manticore (mantlcore) wrote,

Four walls do not a prison make . . .

So, as with last year, Halloween Pictures! AmC asked me to post these though I think other folks will get a real kick out of them.   Sadly in the posting I loose what's left of my anonymity as you will all now know exactly what I look like.  Please, try to refrain from blackmailing me as I have no money anyway.

So this year for Halloween I went as an Illustrated man.  I got a friend who is a Tattoo artist, about two dozen sharpies and a couple other friends who could draw and well, the following  . . . . followed?;P In any even,Enjoy!

This was the full, work appropriate costume complete with tattooed name tag.  We're allowed to wear costumes but we need to have a name badge so I figured, meh might as well wear the name badge as part of my costume.  

You look funny with your head like that :P  To lazy to rotate picture at the moment sorry, you get the general idea, this was after everything was done.  

This is Shay-ra (the one with the visible tattoo) and Boo, two of the three wonderful ladies who did this for me.  Shay-ra is an actual tattoo artist and wife to one of my work mates.  Boo is a good friend and work mate. 

Boo's Opus a giant sacred heart on my back.  Let me tell ya, I rubbed my back raw trying to get that thing off.  Worth it though, it looked amazing!

Shay=ra's Opus a dancing demon girl.  My personal favorite she was just so damned cute.  Due to a slight, albeit amusing, placement error rather than shaking her. . . tracts of land . . . when I flexed she primarily shook her tail and her, well tail.  It was pretty cool though.  Her wiggling tail looked cool and added a special uniqueness to her.

Last but not least.  My Knuckles.  They say Epic Fail on them, but in the wrong order.  I thought it was funny :P  This was the next day hence the fading most notable on the snake. 
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