Like Gorbachev tearing down the fourth wall

I'm breaking the fourth wall here a bit by not posting a story but I wanted to share my Halloween pics cause I enjoyed them :)

The first few are of me, and I shall edit this post later on when I get more (my work and at least one friend have some as well) the other I shall explain when I get there.  I apologize for the blurriness my little sister took my moms digital camera with her to college so these were taken with my camera phone.

Basically I decided on this costume for three reasons, I really like the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  and thought it would be fun to go as a post Apocalyptic survivor esque character.  Furthermore I already had everything I wore for it but the Gas Mask, so it was a relatively cheap costume.  Finally I thought it would be fun as hell to show up for work with an AK-47 slung across my shoulder.  I was right, it was fun :D

When I walked into my store (Trader Joe's, a grocery store for those who don't know) the employees all recognized me because the knew the jacket.  The customers however did not.  One asked, with serious concern in her voice if we were being robbed, and another said that it was a good thing we weren't allowed to dress like that all the time.  I got plenty of Al Queda and terrorist jokes which just goes to show you that lots of people out there aren't to bright.  Or I suppose it could show how obsessed with the middle east the US as a culture is right now.  Either way.  Likewise I am sure had I done this twenty odd years ago everyone would have said I was a Russian which, in all fairness would have been closer to the truth.  In any event my similarities to any group, I feel, began and ended with the fact that I had an AK-47 with me so go figure.   The point was Mad Max with a little bit of Post-Nuke or  Gone with the Blastwave.  I think it succeeded marvelously.  Anyway, without further ado here are my Halloween Pictures:

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Part 2!

So don't have anything new to add but only because I'm in the middle of writing something :)  a friend asked me to write her a super hero story (using my particular hero universe) so I am two pages into what is shaping up to be a twelve page story.  I'll probably post it in one big go too so that should be fun ;P
 In order to tide all you eager readers over till then, and for my own benefit too I shall not post part 2 of my zombie blog entitled:
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  So two things about this story now that you have read it (hint hint)  First off all the characters (except the main one) are based on actual people I know.  So the zombie pinned under the car is a friend of mine who, at the time of writing this, would not go anywhere without his little wind up radio.  On a similar note the car is in fact my car.   The other thing is about the main Character, our unnamed protagonist.  He's supposed to be an average kind of guy, not terribly intelligent but not dumb either.  Still, your average person couldn't tell you when/why/or how a radio gets reception except to say it needs an antenna or under what circumstances it gets the best reception.  So he heard that you can get better reception at night and acted thusly.  You (probably) know it isn't true, and I know it isn't true but he thinks it is true and so he acts according to his knowledge.


So on this the day before Halloween I'm going to post something a little different.  Some time ago I started write a blog that was allegedly being written by a survivor of a zombie apocalypse in real time.  I scrapped the project after only a few "issues" because, well frankly, I got kinda bored with it.  Nevertheless I plan on restarting it right here and now on this day before Halloween.  who knows, maybe between relearning how to draw (I am so out of practice) and playing CoX and working I might even have time to finish it. 

Either way, and without further Ado I hope you enjoy Chapter One Entitled:

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More Poetry!

So I've been busy since I got back from vacation and haven't had a chance to post, or write.  In an effort to correct the first half of that I am posting another old poem.  In an effort to correct the other half of that I am going over to a friends house to write three TV show scripts (hopefully)
  This one is sort of a tribute to while simultaneously explaining film noir movies through poetry.  Hope you enjoy it.

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 I was going through some of my old stuff on my laptop and I came across this poem I wrote.  Part of it is from a Heinlien short story called "The Green hills of Earth."  He never finshed the poem, we only here bits and pieces of it through the course of the story so I took it and added a few verses of my own.  I tried to mkae the style as close as possible and I would be intrested in knowing what you all think and if you can identify, without cheating :P, the verses that are his and the verses that are mine.

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Fan Fic

This one, as the name implies, is a bit of a fan fic I did a while ago, for a City of Heroes toon.  He was (technically is but I never play him) a Fire/Devices blaster and I built him predominately as a PLing device.  shortly after making him I met up with two other  players and we formed an incredible, and unstoppable trio.  A Stone/Mace tank, a Claws/Invinc Scrapper, and a Emp/Nrg Defender (played by myself)  we teamed so often as these three that everything else went to the way side until the tank and the scrapper (who were dating in RL) broke up and stopped playing together.  Stupid real life getting in the way of our game ;P  Anyway, We were a deadly combo and while I liked the toon this Fic is based around I never really got him off the ground.   I wrote this after I made that trio however and they all make an appearance in this secret origins story.

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A small part of an earlier story

To start things off I am going to post part of a story I started writing once, but never finished.  It's still one of my favorite segments but the story as a whole I could never get to sound and feel right. This first section however was always perfect.

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