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mantlcore's Journal

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I'm making this journal as a place to write, to post my writing, and to brain storm. Secondarily (and why I am using Livejournal instead of some other blog) I plan on joining the City of X communities here on Lj. I'm already a long time member in game and I feel it is about time I joined up and got involved out of game too. First and foremost however this is a place for me to write, and for my friends to critique that writing. A place to get in practice, to help me learn, and a place I can later on point to and say "Look, I did those things then." As for what you, the reader at home should expect out of this I'm not sure, short stories, parts of stories I never finished, poems, song lyrics, chapters from novels, even just ideas. All those things are possible I'll post much of my old writing, some before and some after rewriting them and I'll post new stuff. Generally I write what comes to mind, or what I am fiddling with at the time, so it could be anything.